Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bedroomLab .02

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Blend:er (Cavite)
Double Burner (Cavite)
Inconnu ictu (Manila)
INC (Manila)
Lirio Salvador (Cavite)
nea (SG/AMS/SI)
Tengal (Manila)
Ugong (Cavite)
Washing Machine (Cavite)
Eric Diolola (Cavite)

Espasyo Siningdikato


First Half:

> SABAW Interlock Research Presentation
> Art Network Meeting: Espasyo Singingdikato, E.X.I.S.T., SABAW, Innovative Noise Collective
Moderated by Tengal

Second Half:

> Live Cinema: Treatment for Film for 9 Scenes (Tengal)
> Conductors of the Pit (feat. T / Inconnu ictu / nea)
> Double Burner
> Special performance: (super group presenting Lirio Salvador, Inconnu ictu, Ugong, Blend:er, Tengal, INC)
> Washing Machine
> Eric Diolola
> INC (Mitch Garcia, Ian Madrigal)

bedroomLab functions as an informal lab of sorts, wherein open discussions, brainstorming sessions, lectures, network meetings, performances, hands-on workshops, and public gatherings take place.

The first edition (bedroomLab.01) tackled two artists to talk about the gritty details of their works both in electronic video and sound, then subsequently presented it via live performance.
This second edition will be focused more on brainstorming sessions, open discussions with various artist communities in Manila and Cavite regarding not just the development and continuation of artistic sonic and visual art projects; but the "collaborative futures" of these communities.

bedroomLab is a new program facilitated by SABAW Media Art Kitchen.

bedroomLab is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and video culture. bedroomLab presents creative projects that experiment with new aesthetic parameters and new forms of cooperation, develop possibilities for informational and economic self-determination, and reflect on the role of contemporary music against the backdrop of technological and social transformations. Now more than ever, music emerges as a laboratory for multiform experiments and as an active agent that allows for new cultural techniques to be tested and proffered to the wider world.

Your orbiting visual and sound bedroomlaboratories are charting new ways of audio and video interaction in the Philippines and beyond. We have had a particular interest in creating an open dialogue between the audio and video dimensions, a linkage with a long experimental pedigree.

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