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Few Breed of Sounds: a sound art and visual night fever

EXperimentation In Sound art Tradition (E.X.I.S.T.)


Sonic Mind Fields Bookstore

in cooperation with

Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue


Few Breed of Sounds:
a sound art and visual night fever

When: December 29, 2009 (Tuesday)

Time: Gallery opens at 7:00 PM and show starts at 8:00 PM

Where: Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue,
located at Block 11 Lot 9 Congressional Road, Bgy. Sta.Fe Dasmariñas, Cavite
(near DLSU-Dasmariñas, in front of Dan Phil Hardware)

This event is for free but donations are highly appreciated.

E.X.I.S.T. is pleased to welcome Filipino-born and Canadian-based guitarist and sound artist, Reuel Ordoñez a.k.a. Maggot Breeder, an experimental outfit and a long term ongoing experimental musical project. He will be performing on the 29th of December at Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue, an independent art space located at Dasmariñas Cavite (near DLSU-D). Maggot Breeder will be joining with some homegrown electronic artists such as Eric Diolola + Jeanilyn Kwan, Washing Machine, Firefly Logic, Elemento and Marlon Magbanua, a performance artist, in a sound and visual night fever.

Few Breed of Sounds is a word play of the phrase "new breed of sounds" Just to add a twist I changed the word "new” to "few", to emphasize the uniqueness and rareness of the event”. – Cris Garcimo

So before the year ends, we are inviting everyone to this rare breeding of sound and visual performance.


Washing Machine is the duo of Stan Castelo and Gilbert Sanchez (Elemento). The group explores the possibilities of experimental electronic performance and improvisation.

Firefly Logic is an all-Filipino electro-ambient improvisation group composed of Eric and Abby. Formed in October 2008, the duo's intention is to create music which is entirely in contract with their progressive band, fuseboxx. Their music is about expression through the use of electronic instruments (mainly keyboards), focusing more on soundscapes and emotions through improvisation. (

Elemento is a multi-disciplinary art collective that is spear-headed by Lirio Salvador, a visual assemblage / sound artist. Salvador creates sound sculptures cum musical instruments out of metal pipes, stainless steel, bicycle parts and other industrial materials. These sound sculptures are being used by the group in their sound art/musical performances and are sometimes seen hanging on display on different museums and art galleries.

The concept behind Salvador’s sound sculptures called “sandata” or weapon is in line with the idea of creating something out of what is given and readily available or adaptability. Very much in the same native tradition of adapting to one’s surroundings although it just so happened that Salvador is adapting to surroundings that is in the eternal now. The materials and even the concepts that Salvador works at are actually indigenous but stemming from a modern industrialized setting. It’s almost like the concept of tribal existence come full circle: existing, adapting, creating and functioning just as the natives were before but from the point of view of someone existing in the now. In this sense, Salvador is almost like a modern native, a techno tribal shaman and the Elemento collective – a career tribal commune: existing, adapting, creating and functioning as it is in a modern and industrialized tribal setting guided by instinct and primal tendencies. But more than anything else for Salvador and the other kindred spirits, who share his vision, Elemento is more than just a collective; it is a state of mind and a way of life. Everything else is just incidental. (

Chiptune or chip music is more than a form of retro sound synthesis. To Jeanilyn Kwan and Eric Diolola, it is their way of defining contemporary sounds through classic roots— graceful noise generation from simple tones and electronic scores. There is a childish nostalgia one gloats in when hearing the music of a successful Famicom battle. This is the sound they want people to be reminded of— the sounds of anticipated level-ups, augmented life spans and abrupt game overs; sounds that make you feel like its 1993 again.

Maggot Breeder is the long term ongoing musical project of Reuel Ordonez, filipino by birth and now residing in Montreal, Quebec. Utilizing the guitar as the primary sound source, Maggot Breeder creates a dark yet oddly serene soundscape which invokes images of war, conflict, pain, despair and suffering. Reuel Ordonez's guitar playing is not confined to one style. With his versatility, Ordonez's playing can be best described as a collaboration of heavy metal, psychedelia, experimental and the rock worlds.

Maggot Breeder is inspired by the history and imagery of the Great War of 1914-1918, the great imperialist war which accelerated modernization and shaped the 20th century. The results of this tumultuous period resonate to this day in terms of technology, culture, politics and global conflict. Founded in 1984 Maggot Breeder is considered to be one of Montréal’s more ingenious noise ensembles. While still composing music with Maggot Breeder Ordonez joined local hardcore band Rhododendron in 1991. After Rhododendron dismantled and still keeping with his Maggot Breeder, Ordonez joined local heavy hitters, Legumo in 1997. This band stayed strong until he formed local instrumental doom/sludge trio Squalor; this being one of Ordonez's more successful endeavours along with Maggot Breeder. One needs not to be convinced after hearing Maggot Breeder to know the Ordonez is not an amateur. He is one of the key musicians of our time. With Squalor and Maggot Breeder, Ordonez is at his element. (

Marlon Magbanua graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. An avid musician, he uses various musical instruments and accessories for his performances. Magbanua is an active participant in local and international performance art events.

His projects delve into documenting or embedding together sound and time, examining the possible correlations between sounds and images, dissecting the notion that “hearing is another form of seeing” (William Hellerman) through the appropriation of a translation system which correlates auditory and visual elements and values.

Theoretically, in this translation system, all objective elements of one experience can be broken down, defined and re-expressed as a different experience: in this case, sound literally translates to visuals or vice versa. This was inspired, notably, by the numerical systems used in computer programs to process aesthetic components (i.e. functional quantifications of both sound and visual elements, such as CMYK values, tonal values, numerical/digital pitch adjustment, etc.).


E.X.I.S.T. is a not-for-profit sound art collective and movement. It is a loose organization among sound-artists, musicians, and multi-media practitioners. Its main objective is to introduce Experimental Music and Sound Art as an interdisciplinary art form, especially in its relation to technological advancement/development through mediums, methodologies and concepts. E.X.I.S.T. continues the tradition of Experimental Music and Sound Art by organizing sound art performance / concerts, workshops, exhibition and producing, releasing and distributing sound art albums. (

Sonic Mind Fields is a community-based local bookstore in Cavite, a suburban area outside Manila, Philippines. It was opened to nurture exploration, learning, literacy, literature, research, experiments, d.i.y. aesthetics/paradigm, communal creativity, support, exchange, interaction and connectivity. It also serves as the in-house bookstore of Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue, an artist-run creative arts hub/space/gallery and headquarters located along Congressional Avenue, Dasmariñas, Cavite (near DLSU-Dasma). We invite everyone to visit us and explore our eclectic selection of books (both local and foreign; used and new). We also carry independently released CDs and DVDs, with special interest on sound art, noise, electronics, video art, new media, world music and other forms of experimental and hard to find materials. Take a trip at Sonic Mind Fields. Support your local independent bookstore! (

Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue serves as an abode for passionate and creative souls. It functions as an alternative space to showcase creative output. A home to nurture creativity and artistic ability and dwelling place to discover one's innate potential and a platform for brainstorming and exchange of ideas and issues relevant to creativity and artistry.
Siningdikato was conceived by a loose group of artist in 2006. The name is concoction of the English words "art" and "syndicate" and literally means collective individuals formed to engage and promote a common interest — "the arts". The need for a headquarter where everyone can have some fun while helping each other is another reason for the realization of Espasyo Siningdikato. It also hopes to enliven the art scene in Cavite through the help of friends, both here and abroad. (

Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue is located at Block 11 Lot 9 Congressional Road, Bgy. Sta.Fe Dasmariñas, Cavite (near DLSU-Dasmariñas, in front of Dan Phil Hardware)


This event is spearheaded and produced by Cris Garcimo and Erick Calilan, presented by Experimentation In Sound art Tradition (E.X.I.S.T.) and Sonic Mind Fields Bookstore with the support of Espasyo Siningdikato creatiVEnue. And with a little help from our friends. (:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TAMA '09 - BUNGA - The 6th Tupada International Visual Performance Festival

We are pleased to announce that E.X.I.S.T. will be participating on the Tupada Action and Media Art 2009 entitled Bunga: 6th Tupada International Visual Performance Festival on December 7 to 9, 2009.

Roger Lopez (Inconnu Ictu) will collaborate with Ian Madrigal (INC) for the festival kickoff on December 7, 2009 at Samba-Likhaan, Quezon City (at the back of St Luke’s Hospital). On the 2nd day of the festival, Cris Garcimo (Blend:er) and Jon Rodrigo (Aurora Borealis) will perform at the Ateneo Gallery. While Erick Calilan (Ugong) and PJ Soliven (Nyabinghi) will be having a collaborative performance at Vargas Museum located at University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus Quezon City on the 3rd day.

The 6th Tupada International Action Art Event unfolds in the City of Manila and Baler, Aurora Province
BUNGA (Fruition)


For the sixth year in a row, the Philippines shall once again be the venue of a confluence of performance and media art ideas from the different parts of the world, as the 2009 TUPADA ACTION AND MEDIA ART (TAMA) INTERNATIONAL VISUAL PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL commences. Known to be the only annual performance art festival in the Philippines, the TAMA Visual Performance Festival has, over the years, been instrumental in bringing together foreign and local performance and new media artists, creating first-hand, living experiences for the Filipino audience and enhancing the latter’s appreciation for and understanding of performance art. Moreover, this is the one time when artists congregate to share experiences, exchange ideas and impart the distinct culture, history and sensibilities of their respective countries. As for local artists, The Festival has been an opportune event to showcase and promote not just performance art, but the Philippines per se, and all the different facets of Filipino life and culture.


The upcoming TAMA International Performance Art Festival has been dubbed as BUNGA — a coined Filipino term that carries with it multilayered universal meanings: the state of bearing fruit, of being actual or complete, realization, possession, contentment, accomplishment, achievement, actuality, attainment, consummation, fulfillment, and realization.


BUNGA - TAMA ’09, kicks off on December 7, 2009 at the Samba-Likhaan, Quezon City (at the back of St Luke’s Hospital). The annual live art event will commence with a performance from Bumbo Villanueva and an art talk/discussions of art practices by foreign participants. The next day, December 8, TAMA ’09 goes to the Ateneo Art Gallery for a short workshop/symposium, while December 9 brings the event to the Jorge B. Vargas Museum in UP Diliman. Performances by local and international artists will be held right after forums on live art practice for the three consecutive days.

Baler, Aurora hosts this year's provincial leg from December 10 to 13, with artist talks, video presentations, workshops and performances at the Museo ng Baler and Ermita Park. Yuan Mor’O Ocampo, pioneering organizer of live art festival PIPAF, will host the artist discussion. True to Tupada Action and Media Art's thrust for grassroots art education by siting performance in public space, there will be plenty of indoor, outdoor and even beachside performances for the duration of TAMA '09.

With a pre-event exhibition opening at the Big & Small Art Co. located at the 4th floor of SM Megamall Building A on December 5 showcasing paintings from TAMA artists and supporters, BUNGA - TAMA '09 brings fruition to individual concepts and collective visions of body, time, space, action, and sound performance as an ever-expanding and dynamic art genre. All exhibitions, art talks and performances are free and open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

International performance artists Cai Qing (China), Xing Xin (China), Sally Ng (Hongkong), Adina Bar-On (Israel), Midori Kadokura (Japan), Tanaka Teruyuki (Japan), Aye Ko (Myanmar), Barbara Sturm (Switzerland) and Aor Nopawan (Thailand) have been invited to participate in this year's event, along with Filipino artists Patrick "Kinigtot" Bacolor, Sherwin Carrillo, Patrick Chong, Jhay Colis, Thom Daquioag, Boyet De Mesa, Rommel Espinosa, EXIST Sound Art Group (Erick Calilan, PJ Soliven, Cris Garcimo and Roger Lopez), Bunch Garcia, Mitch Garcia, Ceej Gomera, Ian Madrigal, Marlon Magbanua, Vim Nadera, Yuan Mor'O Ocampo, Kaye O'Yek, Sam Penaso, Trix Syjuco, Wire Tuazon, Bumbo Villanueva and Mannet Villariba. The event will also showcase video presentations of performances from SORO Performance Unit, South Korea, and Ronaldo Ruiz of the Philippines.

BUNGA - TAMA ’09 is supported by the Japan Foundation Manila, Samba-Likhaan Foundation, Ateneo Art Gallery, Jorge B. Vargas Museum, the Governor’s Office - Province of Aurora, the Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of Israel, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for Community and Cultural Development, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Ayala Museum, Museo de Baler, ASCOT, Baler Central School, Artists Helping Artists Collective, Tourism Department of Baler.

Programme of Activities

Landline: +632-428-6287;
Mobile: +63-920-860-3048 (Rommel Espinosa)
Landline: +632-710-4045; Mobile: +63-915-7706859 (Thomas Daquioag)
Profile of the other participating artists HERE