Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Golden Noises gig report by Chuck Fournier / Southisms

Angely Chi
photo by Jad Montenegro

Erick Calilan
photo by Andi Baldonado

Chuck Fournier
photo by Andi Baldonado

Toshiyuki Seido
photo by Francis Regalado

Limbaga Mark, Angely Chi, Erick Calilan and Michael Job Balgos
photo by Coicoi Colocoi


Golden Noises Gig Report
by Chuck Fournier

So its the day after the gig. Great performance from Erick Calilan. Just the thing for soothing my frazzled sleep deprived nerves. He had a circuit bent noisemaking creation, Casio vl-tone, a Yamaha keyboard with a cool sort of ring mod feature, a multi fx pedal, chorus pedal and a small mixer. Pretty lush and varied sounds from a fairly small setup.

I brought my usual outdated "90s electronica setup" setup. Yamaha a3000 sampler, main sound source and fx unit, handles the drums, some of the bass, pads etc. This thing is usually a major pain in the ass, but its a really great fx processor and versatile sampler. Just got the hack done that fixes the knobissues so im using this more now. There's some really great glitchy granular fx in there. Also use this for hall reverb on the sends.


Golden Noises @ Southisms


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