Monday, June 16, 2008

EXperimentation In Sound art Tradition

E.X.I.S.T. is a not-for-profit sound art collective and movement. It’s a loose organization among sound-artists and musicians.

It aims to educate people about Experimental Music and Sound Art as an interdisciplinary art form. E.X.I.S.T. commonly engages in the use of found objects and environmental sound as a medium. Moreover, they explore with any of audio technologies (both analog and digital), including creative electronic manipulation or the process of creative audio short-circuiting also known as ‘Circuit Bending’ which is also an integral part of sound art experimentation. Another technological aspect explored is the computer’s capability to generate sound. In this field of study, one examines both the theory and application of new and existing technologies in the areas of music and sound design.

Sculpture, Performance Art, Multimedia and other conventional art form and techniques can be also incorporate and merge on the process and methodology.

Sound art also gives emphasis on the creative production and presentation of ‘sound’ not necessarily the ‘music’ which becomes just one component of the endless possibilities of sound art, and the total characteristic of sound and its medium.

E.X.I.S.T. continues the tradition of Experimental Music and Sound Art by organizing concerts, exhibitions, symposiums and workshops in art galleries, art spaces, universities, and even conventional channels such as music bars, cafés, and open space venues. It also serves as a channel to promote Experimental Music and Sound Art here in the Philippines, opening more people to recognize it as an individual and interdisciplinary art form.


E.X.I.S.T. was founded by Lirio Salvador of Elemento - an ethno-industrial experimental group. Salvador is recognized for his assemblage of musical instruments using day to day materials that are found in his present environment, including bicycle gears, drain cleaning springs and stainless steel tubes which he commonly called ‘Sandata’.

In 2002 E.X.I.S.T. premiered its first sound art exhibition and performance involving Elemento and Transitory, which is also an experimental group, in Club Sound Experience in Makati. Together with that exhibition, they also released the first EXIST split album CD (Elemento and Transitory) which features their own original experimental composition and interpretation of sound.

It was only on 2005 that the second sound art exhibition was followed involving a huge community of sound artists. Since then, E.X.I.S.T. became active organizing series of sound art events and exhibitions.

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